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A whole new beginning

Chondamma B.V

Hey! I’m Chondamma, a student of batch MSc 09 at the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), and this is where I will be sharing snippets of my life at the institute. This post is meant to share a little bit about the campus life, people and the experiences that you can have as a student of IBAB.

IBAB is situated at one of the cornerstones of the busy IT industry in Bangalore, and yet this institute manages to set a calm environment with lush greenery and a beautiful ecosystem of its own. For someone like me who is used to the regular Bangalore traffic, all the honking, the crowd and the chaos, life at IBAB contrasts greatly. To be honest, this place has a life of its own.

All this greenery has now become a part of our daily lives, yet we fail to observe all the intricate details about it. I failed to realise this until one day Dr. Kshitish Acharya decided to take us outside for one of his classes. I was overwhelmed by the variety of plants, trees, insects and even snakes at our campus. He emphasized on the need to observe and cherish the beauty of nature and to also relate it to various aspects of science.

Apart from the beautiful campus, the people of IBAB make this institute feel very welcoming. For most of the freshers, meeting new people and making friends wasn’t such a difficult task. Everyone, from the students, professors, security guards, or even the cooks at the college mess, are extremely friendly and approachable. Since most of us stay on campus, we are more like one HUGE family.

Evenings at the campus is my favourite time of the day. The sky is painted with hues of blue, red and orange and the weather gets colder by the minute. Everyone rush to their favourite spots to grab a cup of tea or satisfy their guilty pleasures with junk food, A long walk from the campus to Velankani sets my mood right, after a long, exhausting day at the institute.


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