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Introducing the New IBAB Social Media Team

Chondamma B.V

It’s a new academic year and brings with it new activities, opportunities and events. 2019-2020 was extremely eventful for the Social Media Team - we covered various academic events such as the Honorary symposium for Prof. C. M. Gupta, the KMS Lecture, the TNQ Lecture and many more. We also successfully organised competitions such as SciArt 2020 and IBAB’s very own Photography Competition. We completely revamped IBAB’s pre-existing social media accounts and created new accounts for Instagram and LinkedIn. Through these, we provide updates about the institution and are constantly striving to increase the visibility of IBAB at the global level.

With the MSc08 batch graduating from IBAB, we had to bid farewell to seven founding members of the team: We wish them well in their future endeavours! However, this means that we have several new members and we are excited to welcome them on board. Here’s introducing the new IBAB Social Media Team!

Shruthi Vembar (Faculty-in-charge, Founding member)

Hey there! I am so happy that you are reading this article about the Social Media Team. We are a year old now and I can truly say that in the past year, the team has made significant progress in reaching out to a wide audience about IBAB’s activities and accomplishments. In the coming year, I wish to see our Twitter and Youtube accounts grow, and look forward to working with the new members. A bit about me: In addition to my love for parasites and my Plasmobees, I am an avid reader, painter, photographer and traveller. Having lived on three different continents, my life perspective is quite fluid (and opinionated) and I tend to talk a lot about this when I am on a roll!  

Ankita Venkatesh (MSc09, Founding member and Instagram account manager) Hello, I’m Ankita Venkatesh, a final year Masters’ student at IBAB. My primary interests are exploring the fields of evolutionary and molecular biology. Being an enthusiastic writer, I actively post articles on both, science related areas as well as topics of my personal interest and hobbies on my blog. In the past year, my contributions to the Social Media Team have ranged from managing the Instagram account of IBAB to organising competitions conducted by the team and creating posters for the same. 

Chondamma B.V (MSc09, Founding member, Facebook account and IBAB Insider manager) I’m Chondamma, from the M.Sc.09 batch at IBAB. My research interests lie in Infectious Disease Biology and Immunology. Writing has always brought me joy and it is something that I really enjoy doing. I also spend most of my time doodling and reading novels. Twitter is my newfound obsession in the social media world. In the past year, I have handled and generated content for the IBAB official blog (IBAB Insider), the Facebook account and designed posters as well. I look forward to another exciting year working with the Social Media Team. 

Sakshi Sharma (MSc09, New member and LinkedIn account manager) I'm Sakshi Sharma, from Neemuch aka NIMACH (North India Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters), a small town in Madhya Pradesh and it's the birthplace of CRPF. I'm a former national basketball player, I love playing outdoor sports and doing adventurous activities. I was a bit nervous in the beginning when I joined the SMT but now we are like a family and it's the best team I've ever worked with. All of us use social media but how to use social media effectively is what I’ve learnt after being a part of SMT. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to a forward-thinking initiative, and I’m excited about this opportunity, as it would allow me to make people aware of the projects, activities and career opportunities in IBAB. I'm very thankful to our entire team for being so helpful to me. 

Yukti Khanna (MSc09, New member and Instagram account manager) I’m Yukti Khanna, I would like to contribute as a content creator for the SMT. Predominantly, I am interested in writing articles, fiction/non-fiction. I have learnt the art of 'haiku' and story writing to enhance my skills. I have written some sci-fi stories that finally based in India and some poems that my teacher remarked as "too enigmatic for my age”. I am also interested in making creative content for Instagram. Many a times, I have posted funny memes (at least I laughed at them) and social rants on my Instagram stories, one of which included a multi-angle take on 'science and religion'. Though I have no experience in writing reports other than for English exams, I have experience in organising events and promoting them online. Very excited to join the team! 

Shruti Sinha (MSc09, New member and YouTube account manager) I am Shruti Sinha, the human version of the song 22 by Taylor Swift. As a final year master’s student, one can describe me as an electron in recursive phosphorescence. You can call me DNA polymerase 1 with 3’->5’ exonuclease activity, because I love to proofread! If you find me joking around a lot, blame it on the differential expression of the M-E-M-E protein!!

Monoswi Chakraborty (MSc10, New member and YouTube account manager) This is Monoswi Chakraborty from Assam. I completed my B.S from Cotton College State University, Guwahati. I am an avid content maker, a passionate writer and am active on all the social media platforms. I have also recently started my channel in YouTube and have become acquainted with creating and managing content. I think Social media is a great place for networking and is definitely integral in conveying institutional updates to the masses. Owing to my interests, I can contribute to composing catchy captions/titles for IBAB posts and can also help to compile/arrange/screen articles that need to be uploaded. 

Sushma Hegde (MSc10, New member and Facebook account manager) This is Sushma Hegde, a very talkative and creative Bangalorean. I graduated from Dayanand Sagar University. Air at the top of mountains give me joy, and I dream to trek the K2 mountain range someday. A firm believer of “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. I love baking cupcakes but not normal cakes. The basketball court is my happy place. Philatelist and numismatist from age 5. You will always see me with a novel, even if I can’t read it, I’ll still carry it around with me. I love writing articles and short stories. I hope I will be able to join the writing team to learn from the experienced and contribute my bit. 

Nabodit Bhattacharya (MSc10, New member and Twitter account manager) I am really happy and excited to join the IBAB's social media team. This lock down has given me enough free time to sit with my thoughts and have a closer look at them rather than suppressing them all the time. Lately, I signed up for Twitter, where I enjoy sharing my views on things that I have read and/or observed -- the word limit set by twitter makes this task more challenging and exciting! In fact, I had explored the twitter handle of IBAB much before I got to know about the social media team. When I learned about the social media team, I knew that I would really want to become the part of this team and contribute towards managing the twitter account and analyse the impact factor of every tweet. It gives me immense pleasure to be one of the members of the IBAB's social media team. It will be a great learning experience to work along with everyone. 

Meghna Joon (MSc10, New member and Instagram account manager) My name is Meghna Joon. I hail from Rohtak, Haryana where I live with my parents and my dog. I’ve done my Bachelor’s from Miranda House, Delhi University. I am an ardent animal lover, a movie buff and anime freak. Playing ukulele on breezy evenings is one of my favouritest past times. During my graduation years, I developed a keen interest in compiling content and editing it to make videos and vlogs. I have good experience in creating digital posters, videos and handling social media activities which makes me suitable for graphic designing and video content creation. With planning and teamwork, I am hopeful that we can achieve a wider range of audience with increased awareness about the institute.

Aadhya Jaisimha (MSc10, New member and Facebook account manager) I'm Aadhya Jaisimha. I have not found an apt word to describe me as yet, but for now, I go with introvert with a questionable sense of humour. I spend a chunk of my time reading, binge watching any form of visual content, and sometimes dabble in writing as well. I'm passionate about organizing stuff, bird watching and sadly, overthinking. I would primarily like to be a part of content creation in terms of writing articles. In my UG course I did take care of Social Media Engagement for college events, so I wouldn’t mind contributing in that aspect as well. 

Sonal Kumar (MSc10, New member and IBAB Insider manager) My name is Sonal Kumar. I categorise myself as a Slytherin, although I always get sorted into Ravenclaw the first time. I am an extrovert. I love surreal memes, and dark humour is my jam – the more twisted, the better. In my free time, you can find me reading fan fiction, bullet journaling, or scrolling through Reddit. Also, I identify as a full-time nerd – pretty stationery is my weakness. I love writing and would love to contribute to the IBAB Insider; I am super pumped to be a part of IBAB's Social Media team!

Pavan Matani (MSc10, New member and IBAB Insider manager) Hi, my name is Pavan Matani and I'm delighted to be a part of the social media team. I am a total internet nerd and spend most of my day on Reddit looking at memes. I also watch a lot of movies, listen to rock music and read about anything crazy like failing economies, technology, and communism. I hope to be a part of the decision-making process in general for this team and also to contribute to the scientific writing on the IBAB blog. Cheers! 


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