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Is this an institute?

Dhruv Chauhan

The answer to this question is not easy but allow me to give you an idea.My reporting date was 14 July 2019, and I reached at about 7: 30 a.m. "It's so green”, I thought. Such beautiful flowers and so many of them, birds, animals, and butterflies. They have a ground, basketball court, volley ball court, gym, table tennis sets, cricket sets, and badminton sets. “Is this really an institute?”. That was all that went through my head as soon as I entered IBAB as a student.  My question was answered the very next day, when we all were introduced to the faculty of IBAB and the labs. Now, the new observations started knocking my head. A personal computer, a fully functional digital lecture hall, a mentor, well equipped labs, and making it better were the faculty members who were going to be our guides from then onwards. A good introduction to MSc 08 and our professors and I could literally see a spectrum of strong personalities in front of my eyes.

That was the easy chapter of my MSc. You ask why? Well it is rightly said that well begun is half done, but the latter half is going to take two years. No one ever says that rest half takes so much time! After a long day, I always get time to see the city (mostly neighbourhood, with some exceptions) and have some relaxing time so that I have all the energy to tackle the surprise tests coming our way. Well surprise tests are not the regular ones, but to explain that will be something to talk about later.

From 15 July to the day you are reading this blog, I have started to understand many things that I couldn't before. As Einstein once said, 'College is a place where students learn to think', which is an 'institute' in this case. Not only does IBAB mould the way we think, but it also nurtures our own way of perceiving and learning from what is around us. There are many chambers of secrets in IBAB, but to know that you need to jump into IBAB express. That is because this place is one of a kind.


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