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Learning Biology in an Electronic City

Rohit S Sannamani

The first time I dismissed the role of a teacher (in society, in my life?), was the last time I did so. Strutting down the long corridor of my 4th grade building, smug in the fresh success of having topped my class, I casually put down the skills of a teacher I didn’t like very much. 

The words had barely left my mouth, when I felt a not so insignificant force thrust up my posterior cushioning. I saved my body from hitting the ground, but not my ego, which came crashing from the skies. Young pride is hard to swallow.   But over the years, my father’s lesson has hit home like a slow burn. If I appreciated my schooling when I finished it, I have now fallen in love with the places and people who have taught me so much. It would be fair to say that my criteria for joining an institution is split between only two factors. The material compensation, and the educational benefit. IBAB was one of the few institutions that met my standards in both( and my reference was IISER-Pune). Nestled in a quiet little corner of India’s IT hub, was this unassuming organization making significant strides in its pursuit of success. It wasn’t the infrastructure or the placements that impressed me(I had been through better), it was the professors and the way they carried themselves-

Independent and assured. Prior to joining IBAB, the smallest educational organization I had been to was four times the size of IBAB in area, and had more than 10 times the population. This was the first time I entered a community where everyone could know everyone else. Compact and green, the first piece of art I was greeted with was also interesting.

I knew straight away that this quirky little institute could incubate me with a renewed and refined vision and mission for my life.

With a few months left before I graduate, this is what I’ve appreciated about the place: - little bureaucracy, and even less tolerance for crazy nonsense(of the wrong kind) coupled with a reasonable freedom to experiment and use the resources for one’s growth. - Teachers who care about their standards, but also try to take the whole class along.

And here is what has been disappointing - The newly imposed curfew timings - Gender discriminatory hostels While it may be prudent to refrain from summing up my experience of IBAB until I have left the place, my experience so far leaves little to ask in exchange for the price I have paid. IBAB was worth my time.


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